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Fun Challenge Ideas
Take a photo every day this week of your dog looking/doing something cute & post it on the challenge page. Everyone who posts a photo every day for a week wins!
Have you ever wanted to be part of a flash mob? Now is the time. Participants who are involved in a flash mob AND upload a video of the flash mob win!
Participants must take a photo of anyone they see with a mustache. The participant who snaps the most photos of people with mustaches at the end of the challenge wins.
Snap a picture of your cat looking evil and upload it to the challenge page. Anyone who uploads a photo of a cat with an evil look on its face wins!
This challenge must be done with two or more people who think that they are a certain dog's favorite owner. The third-party should hold the dog and then have the owners of the dog call his name at the...
Participants must throw two pieces of toast into a toaster from 10 feet (3.0 m) away. Anyone who completes this challenge in one minute wins.
Participants must keep three balloons in the air for one minute. Anyone who can keep all three balloons in the air without the balloons touching the ground or popping for one minute wins.
Participants must pop 2 balloons with oven mitts on their hands in one minute. Anyone who does this in one minute wins. Note: Participants are not allowed to bite or step on the balloons.
Participants must bounce 5 ping-pong balls into a glass in 1 minute. Anyone who completes this challenge in 1 minute wins. Note: Be sure to get a big enough glass so that 5 balls can fit into 1 glass.
Participants must strap 4 pedometers to their bodies, with one on each arm and leg. Anyone who clicks the pedometer a total of 500 times by wildly moving their body in one minute wins.
Participants must stack five Red Delicious apples on top of each other in one minute. If the stack falls, it may be rebuilt. Anyone who completes this challenge in one minute wins.
Participants must pick up six uncooked penne noodles placed around the perimeter of a table using only a piece of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth in a minute. Anyone who completes this challenge in a...
Each participant must land 5 ping-pong balls in a 12 egg carton as fast as possible. The participant who completes this challenge the fastest wins. Note: Participants must stand 5 feet from the egg ca...
Using a straw, each participant must blow a series of 5 plastic cups off the end of the table. The first contestant to blow the cup off the table using wind blown from the straw wins.
Each participant must go into a supermarket and find the following items as fast as possible without running (you can walk really, really fast):
One participant gets onto another participant's back and races against other teams of 2. The team that goes the longest distance giving a piggyback ride in 30 seconds wins.
Each participant must juggle 3 random items found in a bathroom. The participant who juggles the items for the longest amount of time without dropping any of them wins. Note: All participants must jug...
Each participant puts on as many t-shirts as he or she can in 30 seconds. The participant who does this the fastest wins. Note: Only short sleeved t-shirts can be used in this challenge.
Each participant must peel an orange as fast as he or she can. The participant who peels an orange the fastest wins. Note: The orange must be the same size for each participant
Participants must find the worst parking job that they can. They have one week to find the worst parking job that they can & take a photo. The participant who finds the worst parking job at the end of...
Choose a music video that best fits the story of your life. Upload the video for everyone to see and explain why it best fits your life. Each participant who uploads a video within a week wins!
Participants must catch as many grapes in their mouths as they can in one minute. The participant who catches the most grapes in his or her mouth in one minute wins!