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Prevention's 2014 28-Day Challenge
Hosted By: Chris Freytag
You’re just 28 days from a clear head, clean diet, and toned body. Our 4-week shape-up plan is back, it’s better, and it kicks off May 1st. We’ve teamed up with wellness expert Kris Carr and fitness coach Chris Freytag to bring you the ultimate get-in-shape-by-summer plan. Are you in? Your 28-Day Challenge It’s meant to be simple enough for anyone to do. There’s no dieting, calorie counting, or crazy-hard workouts. All you have to do is... 1. Eat clean. This one month, recommit to filling the fridge with whole, healthy foods. We’ve put together 30 amazing recipes that make clean eating easier than ever. Grab them at 2. Move for 2½ hours a week. That’s 150 minutes of cardio—the minimum amount we all need to keep our hearts healthy. Pick any activity you love and break it up however suits your schedule. 3. Do your WOWs. Strength training is basically youth in a dumbbell, which is why building lean muscle is part of this challenge. To keep things fun, Chris Freytag created four WOWs (workouts of the week). Download PDFs and watch Chris demo the moves at 4. Listen to Kris and Chris. Setting a weekly intention will help you stay focused. Kr... see more

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Challenge Activity
Grace Chow
Don't think I've lost any weight at all, so far. Doing my usual activities, cycle to places whenever I can. Cycled to work on Thursday, about 20 minutes each way, so 40 minutes. Played ping pong for about an hour in the evening. However, after ping pong, joined group for dinner at 9 p.m., ate at 9.30 p.m., yikes- too late in the evening to have dinner....hard to lose weight at this rate???
Grace Chow
Cycled to work yesterday (()ctober 10, 2014-Friday) and home, about 35 minutes. Played ping pong for about 1 and the half hours.Total exercise time -about 2 hours.
Today, Sat. Oct 11, cycled to Trinity and played ping pong for about one and the half hours,
Ida Gearon - Feeling good at the beach!
Jul 12, 2014
angie Berkey
I like how there are planned exercises to do. They are tough but worth it. I am beginning to feel more in shape, but like the others stated food choices are not always easy for me to stick to.
betty dick
I hope I can make this work
Carole Bruni
Want to get fit and lose weight
Patti Cook
I got sidetracked by the death of my 14.5 year old dog, so while I tried to eat as cleanse as possible during his last days, I'll admit I didn't do the WOWs. But I didn't gain back the few pounds I list in May , so that is a plus . Trying to get back on track now.
Heidi Warren - I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I'm sure he was part of the family. That's great that you didn't gain and you're getting back on track. Go for it!
Jun 17, 2014
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