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2014 Yoga Every Damn Day - #yogaeverydamnday
Hosted By: Rachel Brathen

Announcing: The 2014 Yoga Every Damn Day Challenge.

It's time for a new challenge! The #yogaeverydamnday challenge has been ongoing since January 1, 2013 and it's open to all. I want us all to go back to what's at the core of any yoga practice: to practice every single day. I want you to find the joy of living your yoga, on and off the mat, and to remember that yoga is not a pose but a practice! This does not mean you have to take a full sweaty 90-minute class every day (feel free if you like!), but that you incorporate yoga into your life somehow, every single day of this month. This can mean a home practice, stretching before bed, breathing exercises, whatever counts as a practice to YOU. Log your practice on the challenge site online, and post a picture here on Instagram tagging #yogaeverydamnday (please take pictures after your practice is over, and it can be everything from a picture of your yoga mat to you in a pose to the sky to... Anything that inspires you to practice). This is real. This is your body. This is your breath. This is NOW. Cherish your time on the mat and embrace the little sparks of magic that are present all around us, all the time.


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Challenge Activity
Jeanne Maichle
Been waking up with doing yoga even if only 15 min in the a.m. Feels good!
Kay Chitwood
This week I am back on track with my Yoga workout every night. I am just in the beginning stages now but with time it will come easier to do daily.
Brenda Morris
Mon through Friday yoga :)
Jacquie Murphy
My goal is to up my Yoga practice. I have been doing a short AM yoga everyday but want to go to the next level. In the next 90 days left of this year I am taking this challenge and upping my practice
Brandy Clark
Day 13: 30 minute Restorative.
Day 14: 60 minute Hot Vinyasa
Brandy Clark
Day 11: 30 minute Yin
Day 12: 60 minute Bikram
Jenny key
I'm on day 6! #yogaeverydamnday
Brandy Clark
Day 10 yesterday: 60 minute Hot Vinyasa. #yogaeveryday
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Join me in the Yoga Every Damn Day Challenge #yogaverydamnday
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