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Namaste November
Hosted By: The Fitnessista
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Welcome to The Fitnessista Namaste November challenge! Because we are getting close to the holiday season, I thought yoga would be the perfect way to remain present, centered and in shape during an often frenzied and festive time. The winner will receive a $200 Lululemon gift card! The challenge starts November 1st and ends November 30th. Just accept the challenge, download the app on your phone, and leave a comment or post a photo every time you practice yoga (you must post on the challenge page that you did yoga at least 4 times this month). No time to take a full class? Just do a podcast or your own flow at home. I will keep track of everyone who completes the challenge and pick the winner at random.

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Challenge Activity
Stephanie Corley
how do i cancel my participation. i accidentally accepted challenge
Rachel Goldfarb, Heather McCrocklin and 2 more won the challenge
added a victory comment
Congratulations to the grand prize winner Rachel G! Rachel will receive a $200 Lululemon gift card. Congratulations also to Kyra S, Alyssa H, and Heather M who will receive ChallengeLoop t-shirts! Be sure to check out the Fitnessista Dine-In December Challenge that starts today:
Danielle Rogers
Finished up the month with a 75 minute class last night with Heated Happy Friday Yoga! Delicious and rockin'! The month may be over, but the yoga must continue. :)
Tess Crevasse
Oh yeah, and a yoga for runners podcast yesterday. :)
Tess Crevasse
Finished up Namaste November with some DIY flow (about 40 min)! I can't tell you how much I've loved having this extra encouragement to devote time to yoga...can we do this every month?
Carsen Ruperto
A 20 minute good night flow to end namaste November!
Nicola Arnott
Last night of yoga! 20 mins of my fav poses! Slacked on my postings but enjoyed getting back into yoga again and becoming centered:)
Bridget Radcliff
15 minutes mid-workday yoga. Perfect interlude.
Christina D
Finished off the month with 20 minutes of sun salutations and hip openers. Looking forward to keeping this routine up into next month!
Tara Findlay
Finished off the month with 20 minute of hip openers. What an awesome challenge!
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