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Killer Core Plank Challenge
Hosted By: Erica House

The plank is one of the best overall strength moves that requires zero equipment, little time and can be modified to challenge both beginners and advanced fitness buffs. My challenge to you is to hold in plank as long as you can for at least 5 days a week for the duration of this challenge (One Month.) Whenever you complete a plank just leave a comment saying how long you were able to hold it for. For more information on how to do a plank (and how to modify them for beginners) see my blog post on them here:

The challenge will run from Feb 4, 2013 through March 4, 2013 and the official hashtag for the challenge is #EricasPlankChallenge


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Challenge Activity
Lynne Brazeau
3 sets of 1 minute then 20 sec plank 20 sec brake..kept doing that for 15 minutes...
Laura Romo
I want to start this so excited
Jason Davis
1:30 plank for me today
Gregg Higgs
Easy 10 mile run this morning, very humid...gross! 1hr 38 min.
Leslie Magnesi
1 minute plank after 20 push-ups and 40 sit-ups. Then a 10 bout of coughing. Being sick sucks.
Leslie Magnesi
40 seconds. It's tough after doing push-ups and sit-ups.
Nobody won the challenge
added a victory comment
Thank you all so much for participating in my Plank challenge! I hope you all have noticed the same incredible improvement in strength as I have and will continue to plank after the challenge ends. Please be sure to keep up with me at as you never know when my next challenge may be! The randomly selected winner is Michelle Beuthling! Please select a fitness DVD from (up to $20 value) and email your full name, address and DVD choice asap to
Bleu Caldwell - Yay! It's been fun!
Mar 06, 2013
Justine T
3 planks yesterday, all over 2:30
Julie Moczygemba
Final plank of the challenge (#20). 1:40. Couldn't hold it any longer. Exhausted from swimming! I want to try for my 3 minute goal when I'm fresh .
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