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TRX® S.T.A.R. Challenge
Suggested By: TRX
You will go through the following progression of 7 exercises. This challenge will be timed and the fastest to complete the challenge wins. If competing in this challenge by yourself, completing all 7 exercises is grounds for winning the challenge. Take a picture or upload a video of yourself doing the challenge & write in the final time as a comment. To locate a TRX Suspension TrainerTM, TRX RipTM Trainer, click here Equipment Needed: TRX Suspension TrainerTM, TRX RipTM Trainer, Kettlebell Exercise #1 TRX Atomic Pike Perform 15 reps to a metronome of a one second beat. If you don’t have a metronome use music. Exercise #2 Rip Pitchfork Make sure you are 9 feet from your anchor point and perform 20 reps on each side as fast as you can. Exercise #3 TRX Lunge Perform 20 reps on each leg using the metronome on a one second beat count. Exercise #4 Rip Shuffle Press Stand 9 feet from your anchor point take 5 shuffle steps left and press the 5 back to the right and press. Perform 10 and then switch sides. Exercise #5 TRX Inverted Row. Make sure your chest is under the anchor point. Legs straight. 20 reps to the metronome of a one second beat count. Exercise #6 Rip Samurai Punch. You want to ... see more
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Caleb Green TRX® S.T.A.R. Challenge
You tube anything you dont know how to do or ask me and ill show you!
Susan Gallagher TRX® S.T.A.R. Challenge
did it. took about 8 minutes. the exercises are good, but I think they need to be rolled into a longer workout. My shoulder hurts so I didnt do the pushups.
Kelli Davis - Awesome!
Oct 05, 2012
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