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The SPRI Performance Challenge
Suggested By: SPRI®
If you want to challenge your body and take it to the next level it is time for you to take the SPRI Performance Challenge! This challenge consists of 3 unique exercises performed for 60-seconds each with a 30 second break between exercises. This is the very same challenge that hundreds competed in at the SPRI expo booth during the IDEA World 2012 Conference show! Challenge your family, friends, co-workers and clients. The winner of the Challenge is the person who performs the most reps, with proper form, in the allotted time. Challenge Routine: Exercise 1: SPRI Step360 Pro Burpees (60 Seconds) Equipment: SPRI Step360 Pro Exercise Tips: • Stand upright with Step360 Pro perpendicular to body and arms bent at 90 degrees • Drop into a plank position and lower into a push up, touching chest • Push up, stand up, then jump while straightening arms and lifting Step360 overhead • Each rep is counted when standing with arms bent in start position Exercise 2: SPRI Quick Adjust Speed Rope (60 Seconds) Equipment: SPRI Adjustable Speed Rope or standard Speed Rope Exercise Tips: • Adjust speed rope so the handles are chest height • Stand upright, rope behind heels, elbows bent • Swing rope over head, synchronizing w... see more
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