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SUBWAY® Super You Challenge
Suggested By: Subway®
Ends on: 1 month from the start

Now is the time to be the best you that you possibly can! Take the SUBWAY® Super You Challenge to combine exercise, healthier eating and fun competition.

For the next 30 days, work out every other day (15 out of the 30 days) and incorporate a super food into one meal each week. Healthy fats offered by super foods are an important part of living a healthier lifestyle. And if you want some fitness suggestions, view the challenge prep below for some helpful tips, courtesy of SUBWAY® fitness trainer, Monica Vazquez.

As you complete your challenge, be sure to take a picture, video, or leave a comment letting everyone know your progress. At the end of 30 days, each participant who completes the physical and nutrition challenge wins with better health and fitness!

** Consult your physician before beginning any exercise programs **

Prep for this challenge

Tips To Accomplish SUBWAY® Super You Challenge!

So you've decided to take the SUBWAY® Super You Challenge but are having a hard time trying to figure out how to get through some of the steps? Fear not - we've got some helpful tips, courtesy of SUBWAY® fitness trainer, Monica Vazquez!

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Jaime Tigue accepted the challenge SUBWAY® Super You Challenge
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Erica Ward SUBWAY® Super You Challenge
Spicy warm spinach and tomato salad with cheese crisp and lightly breaded pork chop.
Ranita DeJesus SUBWAY® Super You Challenge
Just started. I was on track this month and then sickness in my family kind of derailed me and I want to get back on track.
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