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Reinvent Your Workout
Suggested By: ReebokĀ®
Ends on: 1 week from the start

What better way to spice up your routine than a friendly challenge? Try a workout that you've never done before like going for a run on a different trail, trying a yoga class, going surfing, or doing any other physical activity you've been meaning to try out, but haven't been able to squeeze in. Take pictures, videos, or leave a comment letting everyone know how you've reinvented your workout. Each participant who reinvents their workout wins!

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Fateria Johnson Reinvent Your Workout
What a great day for a workout! Why not take the workout to the streets!! The park, the lake, or any outdoor area is a great place to have fun and get fit.
Fateria Johnson Reinvent Your Workout
What a great day to do something new! Today, I danced with Divinity!! That was my new yoga routine working through the Chakras and it was uplifting, I feel energized. What will you do today?
Fateria Johnson Reinvent Your Workout
Come and join me on a wellness challenge just for the fun of it!!
Pamala Hill Cox Reinvent Your Workout... and Share with your Tampa friends/family/coworkers!
Hello everyone! Please feel free to share your day-to-day activities. Show off your gym workout or an accomplishment or two. Invite friends to join you!
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