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1*2*3* Holiday MAGIC CHALLENGE
Hosted By: Southern Fried Fitness
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My HOLIDAY challenge for you is to pick three doable changes every day this month that you can mindlessly make without much sacrifice.

We make over 200 food related decisions every day, and it is exceptionally challenging during the HOLIDAY’S to stay on track. These “Power of THREE” changes will be subtle and barely detectable but will result in BIG HOLIDAY (calorie) SAVINGS ☺. You will have an opportunity to develop both food and non-food related changes.

Use these daily suggestions to help you move from mindless overeating to mindless better eating:

Just post on the challenge page via the website or the iPhone app- - telling me which three changes you made that day. Everyone who posts at least 5 times to the challenge page with the changes they made that day will be entered to win a prize package from Krusht Gear valued at over $600.00!

Have questions? Email kdavis AT


Prize package provided by Krusht Gear valued at over $600.00.

Prep for this challenge
1. Serve yourself on smaller plates and taller glasses and use smaller utensils
2. Hide snacks away (out of sight, out of mind)
3. Make a trade. Swap your bagel for an English muffin, glass of whole milk for a glass of skim milk etc…
4. Split lunches with a friend or put half in a togo box before you begin eating your meal
5. Never allow yourself to get too hungry… constantly eat healthy snacks that you pack and take along with you (nuts un-shelled, fruit, healthy bars etc…)
6. If you are a soda drinker, cut your intake in half. If you typically drink 3 a day, only allow yourself 1 ½ .
7. Plan PAUSE points before eating. For instance, if you want an indulgent snack, wait 10 minutes and revisit the impulse. If you still want the treat cut your portion in half.
8. Pace yourself. If you are a fast eater, inhaling food before you taste it… find a pace-setter. Someone who naturally eats slowly and aim to eat on par or slower than the slowest eater at the table.
9. If you are a late night snacker… try taking a bath or shower, making a cup of tea, or using the 10 minute pause rule to break the habit.

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Victoria Davis won the challenge
added a victory comment
Congratulations to Victoria Davis who was selected as the winner of the challenge! I would like to tell everyone to please stay the course... Success is a result of our every day small wins and not the Hail Mary we've come to believe. Keep winning everyday by committing to three small changes. Keep a look out every month for the next Southern Fried Fitness Challenge and let 2013 the Best Year of your LIFE.
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Southern Fried Fitness - Thank you for participating... It was a GREAT Challenge! Now, Go Get AWKWARD!!!
Jan 01, 2013
Rhonda Snyder - Congratulations Victoria!!! Happy New Year!!!
Jan 02, 2013
Kristi Wright
Happy New Year's Eve! I have enjoyed this challenge very much. I now realize I need constant challenges to keep me motivated.
One if my new year resolutions is doing a 5k race every month and I start tomorrow. I like this because I have had to be good today and will be good tonight. I do not want to be dehydrated tomorrow so
1. Plenty if water today.
2. Very light meals.
3. Protein and veggies for dinner.
I am nervous about tomorrow because of the cold but we all need to do something outside of our comfort zones. It makes us stronger!
Thanks to Robin, Krusht Gear, and all of you for your great ideas. Let's make this next year even better!!!
Jody Lyons - Good luck with your 5 K. They are do much fun.
Jan 01, 2013
Jody Lyons
Our final day. I really enjoyed this challenge and reading everyone's post. Today I found out I have strep. Got some good drugs and on the mend. Being down for 4 days made me realize how awesome it is to feel great and be able to use our bodies to exercise and move however we choose. God has bless us with an amazing machine. I want to use it and feed it the best I can for Him. Had avacodo slices last evening with salad no dressing. Yummy. And just found a cool thing to replace that nasty movie theater popcorn. Use a brown lunch bag. 1/2 cup kernel popcorn and microwave Take to the movie with you and we won't have the stomach aches we get from the other. Ok the best news. This little Mama is down 2 lbs but even better 2.3% body fat. I was so happy. I think my motto should be slow and steady.... Thank you everyone. Especially you Ms Robin Shea. Happy New Year. Jody. Your friend from CO
Rhonda Snyder
New Years Eve 2012

This is my final post on 1.2.3. Magical Holiday Fitness Challenge.

4 birthday celebrations, the death of my father-in-law of 22 years, beginning hormone replacement therapy - makes you bloat for a few weeks, holiday travel, Christmas dinners, our 22nd wedding anniversary, a house party & a very sick husband this week.
This challenge has been... well, challenging! And FUN!!! Why fun? I managed to conquer my daily diet soft drink habit.
This challenge provided a huge resource for accountability for me.
...just 3 little things a day. Not hard. I learned I had to stay present at mind for these habits & dietary changes to "become" "mindless" habits of the past.

Thanks a whole bunch to , Southern Fried Fitness, Robin Shea & Krusht Gear for your help.
Today, I mindlessly give up


2. Regular processed bread. I found out about Ezekiel 4:9

3. Processed Meat - no more deli meat or subway. Just whole organic meat.


To my FB friends... Thanks to those who were so supportive & for tolerating my daily posts. Love you!!!
Victoria Davis
1. A run in the snow and ice this morning! I love running. It's official after taking a break it was so nice to get outside! 2. Made all of us eggs for breakfast. 3. Foam roller to work on my sore spots! Thanks for the challenge! Great way to ease into the new year!
Tammy Herrin
Last day of 2012!
1) I will not slack off on my diet during the day even though I know I'll be slacking tonight
2) LOTS of water!
3) Only 1 alcoholic drink tonight
Kristi Wright
Good evening.
1. I was glad Robin posted about mindless eating because I think I have been doing a lot of this lately. This is why I have been recording all my food in myfitnesspal. Eye opening.
2. Hit over 10,000 steps on fitbit! Was extremely pleased.
3. Veggies with every meal today.
4. This challenge has been great. It has been the only thing I have consistently done lately except walking everyday.
Sabrina Shields
Took a lovely nature walk for a few hours with the hubby and it was amazing to breathe the crisp air, feel the breeze and just walk hand in hand in the silence of nature.

Thought ahead and packed us a picnic lunch.

Made the decision when we got home to take an aromatherapy bath to finish off any stress from 2012 And be ready to start 2013 fresh and relaxed for a great year.
Jody Lyons
Refused all those sweet treats my honey bought while still driving to CO no kidding at least 6 candy bars. Drank my water and nuts and seeds snacks only 30 miles from home. So ready to get out of this truck. We have a friend waiting for us at home. She made us homemade chicken noodle soup. Excited to have a nice hot bowl of that. So nice to see the beautiful CO mountains
Victoria Davis
Today: 1. Did pretty good with eating overall 2. Foam roller 3. Went shopping and pre packaged some snacks to help with the sweet cravings. Mini ziplock baggies with one serving of dried fruit.
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