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TRX Training (Re)Defined Photo Challenge
Hosted By: TRX Training
End Date: 01/01/2013
Challenge Complete

Welcome to the TRX Training (Re)Defined Photo Challenge! Post a photo to the challenge page training a client or small group who is performing a TRX® Suspension Training® Exercise with a visible sign that says "TRX® Training (Re)Defined" in the photo. The prize will be awarded to the participant with the most "votes" on the photo that he or she submitted. The challenge ends December 31, 2012 at 11:59 pm PST. You must be 18 years old or over and a US citizen in order to be eligible to win. Notes: 1. You can post as many photos as you’d like. 2. The words "TRX® Training (Re)Defined" must be in the photo somewhere, but do not need to be held in your hands. They do not have to actually be a physical sign and can be digitally imposed if you choose. Tip: Be sure to send out your unique URL (you’ll get an email with it once you submit your photo) to friends and family so they can vote for you! To get the latest TRX gear, check out Questions? Email kdavis AT challengeloop DOT com


1 New TRX Suspension Training Kit, 1 TRX Training T-shirt, & 1 Free Registration to a TRX Professional Education Course (subject to availability).

Challenge Activity
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Adam Test - Thanks for the votes guys!
Dec 31, 2012
Jan 01, 2013
Kathy Andrews
Going strong with TRX at 72 yrs old!! Harrell Rocks!
Liz Dimond - Awesome Rhabby
Dec 24, 2012
Jackie B - Great stuff!!
Dec 28, 2012
Sergey Zimovskoy
"TRX® Training (Re)Defined" - on the Black Sea
Sergey Zimovskoy
"TRX® Training (Re)Defined"- Greece, Island of Crete
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