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30 Day Weight Loss Challenge
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Welcome to the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Are you looking to lose 50 pounds or 5 pounds? Either way this is the challenge for you! Complete the circuits in the image below for 4 weeks. Don't do any of these exercises that you don't feel comfortable doing and modify these exercises if you have any limitations. Click here for details on how to do each exercise:

Just accept the challenge and write a comment or post a photo on the challenge page each time you do a workout.

Take a picture of yourself on the first day and then again on the last day to see your progress!


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Challenge Activity
Luna Delgado
I have started today.
Starting today June 1, 2014 will try to pose every week on my progress
Sabrinaa Nadine
Renea H
day 1 ughhhh so ready to get rid of this weight
Heather T
Started C25K again today
Breland McMillan
Going to try! Very excited!
Holly Danyluk
what about meal plans?
Ana Medina
how do i accept this challenge or how do i join?
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