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Welcome to the 30-Day Abs Challenge!

Your goal doesn't have to be a 6-Pack to do this challenge! ANYONE can do it at ANY fitness level. But if you DO want a 6-Pack, this challenge will certainly help! You have to keep in mind that a 6-Pack is made in the kitchen! You have to EAT CLEAN in order to see those abs! These workouts were created by Jennifer Morgan. You can follow her at

Just accept the challenge and write a comment or post a photo on the challenge page each time you do an ab workout.

Take a picture of your abs on the first day and then again on the last day to see your progress!

Click here to see the workouts for the 30 Day Abs Challenge:


Just for Fun

Challenge Activity
megan beagle
What do we do for week 5?
Robyn Weber
30 minutes of POP Pilates/blogilates fir thing this morning. Feeling like I'm getting stronger :)
jessica mcmullen
going to try this, but what does settle up mean?
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Robyn Weber - I don't know what they are either I use POP Pilates and another site every morning. Pretty sure they cover all the exercises :)
May 14, 2014
Betsy Robles - What I did was google each one... It help..
May 19, 2014
Yvonne Murphy
Hour of hip hop abs hurray
Robyn Weber
30 min yoga, 30 min POP pilates/blogilates and WOWs first thing this morning :)
sandra garza
You can always squeeze in 30 minutes ;)
Robyn Weber
1 hr of blogilates and yoga first thing this morning :)
Happy Camper - What is blogilates?
May 08, 2014
Robyn Weber - Blogilates is just pilates, its from Cassey Ho's blog. She has a calendar every month with workouts that target different parts of your body. She also has a clean eating plan and a beginners to get started. Heres the site if you want to check it out :)
May 08, 2014
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