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Come to the Challenge Arena in the Expo Hall (Booth #1915) to take the TRX S.T.A.R. Challenge. In the TRX S.T.A.R. Challenge you will go through the following progression of 7 exercises. Each participant who completes the challenge will receive a goodie bag and one lucky male and female will win the grand prizes listed below. Check back after IDEA World to see who won! Grand prizes will be sent to the winners directly. To locate a TRX Suspension TrainerTM, TRX RipTM Trainer, click here Equipment Needed: TRX Suspension TrainerTM, TRX RipTM Trainer, Kettlebell Exercise #1 TRX Atomic Pike Perform 15 reps to a metronome of a one second beat. If you don’t have a metronome use music. Exercise #2 Rip Pitchfork Make sure you are 9 feet from your anchor point and perform 20 reps on each side as fast as you can. Exercise #3 TRX Lunge Perform 20 reps on each leg using the metronome on a one second beat count. Exercise #4 Rip Shuffle Press Stand 9 feet from your anchor point take 5 shuffle steps left and press the 5 back to the right and press. Perform 10 and then switch sides. Exercise #5 TRX Inverted Row. Make sure your chest is under the anchor point. Legs straight. 20 reps to the metronome of a one... see more

2013 IDEA World full registration,

TRX® Pro Trainer,

TRX® RIP™ Trainer,

Level One TRX® Education Course,

Custom designed Reebok® sneakers-$130 Value,

$50 SUBWAY® Gift Card,

$150 SPRI® Gift Certificate,

G Series FIT™ Prize Pack

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Challenge Activity
Sam Sahagun
Have the winners been selected yet?
IDEAFit - Hi Sam! Yes, the winners that were randomly selected are Shelly Graham and Kevin Cross. Thanks so much for being part of our challenge. Hope you had a fun time!
Jul 17, 2012
The TRX S.T.A.R. Challenge on the Fox 5 news Friday morning
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