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 30-Day Herbal Life Shake Shape Challenge with SS3D Fit Club
End Date: 09/01/2012
Want to see how SEXY you can be in the next 30 Days? This is the challenge for your. Get support, motivation and tips from friends, family and fitness experts to keep you on track. To join the challenge, just contact Coley Speaks ( to get your shakes. All participants in the North Hollywood area are entitled to join our FREE bootcamp on Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 8am (come one or both days). Not in the North Hollywood Area?...No Problem! Just visit our page for exercise tips. Keep us updated with pictures, weight, and body fat percentage. The Top 3 participants with the best results will WIN PRIZES! 1st place: 1 MONTH FREE PERSONAL TRAINING (online for out -of -state participants), 2nd Place: 1 WEEK FRE... see more

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