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Now is the time to be the best you that you possibly can! Take the SUBWAY® Super You Challenge to combine exercise, healthier eating and fun competition. For the next 30 days, work out every other day (15 out of the 30 days) and incorporate a super food, like avocado, into one meal each week. Healthy fats offered by super foods, like avocado, are an important part of living a healthier lifestyle. If you’re having trouble finding that perfect super food option, you can add avocado to any of your SUBWAY® sandwiches (U.S.A. Only). And if you want some fitness suggestions, view the challenge prep below for some helpful tips, courtesy of SUBWAY® fitness trainer, Monica Vazquez. As you complete your challenge, be sure to take a picture, ... see more

Just for Fun

Challenge Activity
Jimmy P
Avocado and tuna salad with some blackberries!
Kelli Davis
Nate, you gotta step up your game!
Nate Hidinger - ARGHHH. I swear im on top of it. working on getting SMART with my phone
Jun 22, 2012
Marco Velasco
My super food shake: Broccoli, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, Greek yogurt, whey protein, 4 egg whites, and mango/banana juice!!
Jason Davis - I really want to get a magic bullet. Do you recommend it?
Jun 20, 2012
Marco Velasco - Definitely as long as you use it often. Super easy to clean and very convenient!
Jun 20, 2012
Marco Velasco
Yep! Starting right now!! :)
Nate Hidinger - WHOA MAMA
Jun 20, 2012
Kelli Davis
You gonna start today Marco?
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