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Elyse Jarard
I did a hot spinning class this morning--yes, it was 91 degrees! I love to sweat but i have to admit it was brutal!
Pat Seuberling
30 minutes with a trainer and 30 minutes of cardio - YEAH!
Elyse Jarard - Awesome pat!! Welcome to the challenge. Keep up the good work!
Feb 08, 2013
Laura Turpin
20 minutes of yoga last night and walked the dogs for 20 minutes this morning!
Lisa Gannon
Yesterday I did Hot Yoga. This morning I road on the recumbent bike, completed some circuit/strength training and finished up with using the foam roller. Tomorrow...Hot Yoga.
Lisa Gannon
Did Hot Yoga this morning and this afternoon I will do circuit/strength training.
Elyse Jarard
I had some great workouts this week. feeling a little bit slacking so need some motivation. friday to sunday, pretty much didnt do structured workout. monday i did strength workout, tuesday i did spinning, wednesday i ran on the treadmill, tonight is yoga.
Elyse Jarard
Friday--does foam rolling count as activity? Don't think so, but it felt good.
Elyse Jarard
Yoga on Thursday was great. I almost missed it because I was really pissed off before I went, but I knew I really needed it!
Lisa Gannon
Yoga Jamz tonight...Arthur Murray Dancing tomorrow and Hot Yoga 75 Sunday...Feeling Great!!
Elyse Jarard
I thought I would be sore from the real ride spinning but I wasn't. :)
Took a bye today. Tomorrow is hot yoga at 8 pm.
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