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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Looking for something quick, fun, and practical to do with your friends? Why not try some challenges to get the party started no matter what age. From supermarket sweeps to the spoons n noses challenge, we have it all! You can even challenge your friends to a funny challenge that you think of yourself!

These funny challenges are simple to set up and are packed with great ideas. The most frequent question one hears is “What should we do?” and ChallengeLoop has many ways to help you answer that question.

Here are some examples of funny challenges on ChallengeLoop:

  • 5 Times a Charm Challenge
  • Grapelicious Challenge
  • The Really? Someone Actually Parked Like That? Challenge
  • How Fast Can You Peel?
  • Click here to view all funny challenges.

    Good Luck! We appreciate all feedback in order to help come up with new Challenges.

    -ChallengeLoop Team

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